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Connecting, Empowering & Elevating Lives

Our Services

Patient Management + Expedited Access

Our use of digital health tools and a mobile IV crisis care unit allows us to provide personalized patient management and expedited access to immediate care for those seeking behavioral health support.

Our Mission

To be the national leader in personalized, accessible, and compassionate behavioral healthcare, utilizing cutting-edge technology and services to revolutionize the behavioral health industry one patient at a time. We lead on conviction!

Who We Are

Exhale Telehealth is a multidisciplinary behavioral health company that provides virtual mental-health and IV therapy. We are vastly expediting access to immediate care with our personalized patient management system via digital health tools and our mobile IV crisis care unit.

Our commitment to personalized patient care, innovative technology, and evidence-based practices has made us a trusted and effective partner in the healthcare community.

Exhale Technologies

At Exhale Telehealth, we are passionate about leveraging data to transform behavioral healthcare. We have an exceptional team of engineers who specialize in data analytics and insights within the field of behavioral health. We recognize the importance of leveraging data to drive meaningful improvements in healthcare outcomes and operations. Our team’s expertise in data science, machine learning, and healthcare analytics enables us to maximize the value of your healthcare data, particularly for reporting to external stakeholders

Our Origin

Exhale Telehealth was founded by members with over 80 years of collective experience in the behavioral health industry, with a clear mission to improve access to mental health and IV therapy for patients from all walks of life. The founders recognized the challenges faced by many individuals in accessing quality care due to logistical and financial barriers, as well as the stigma surrounding mental health. With a dual therapy approach, Exhale Telehealth ensures patients receive immediate care for their mental and physical health needs.

They recognized that many individuals were unable to access the quality care they needed due to logistical and financial barriers, as well as the stigma surrounding mental health.

Our Services

We exclusively work with community based mental health facilities, crisis housing, tribal nations, and homeless & transition centers.

Our goal in working together is to reduce wait times and improve patient access to the full range of psychiatric and substance use disorder services your organization currently provides. Our integrated behavioral health service line offers essential components, including the following services.

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  • Medication management
  • Recovery support
  • Care coordination
  • Counseling
  • Uniform Data System reporting (UDS+)
Mobile Wellness Services
  • IV Therapy
  • Phlebotomy
  • X-ray
  • Dental
  • Optometry
  • Ultrasound
Frontline & Discharge Support

A comprehensive approach to care that recognizes the unique needs of individuals with mental health or substance use issues providing personalized, ongoing support to help achieve recovery goals.

  • Collaboration with Healthcare Team
  • Case Management
  • Recovery Support
  • Resource Navigation
  • Transportation Services
  • Transitional Housing Placement
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Education & Advocacy
  • Follow-up & Monitoring

Benefits of Telehealth

As a virtual service provider, we have the flexibility to expand our capacity to meet the evolving needs of our clients.

Unlike conventional service providers, we are not restricted by the limitations of physical growth. This enables us to swiftly adapt and broaden our services as required to fulfill our customers’ needs.

We prioritize hiring and managing our full-time providers dedicated to your program and committed to providing high-quality patient care.

Our providers are intimately familiar with the specific needs of your community and can offer personalized care tailored to their unique circumstances.

Data-Driven Approach

Through our UDS+ “Patient Quality of Metrics” system, we safely collect patient data on a granular level, ensuring accurate and reliable information. Our automated digital collection system benefits our operating partners by yielding larger grants and facilitating data-driven decisions.

Our Providers

We hold our clinicians to the highest standards in terms of productivity, quality, and engagement rates. We strongly emphasize building meaningful relationships between the provider and the patient, as we believe this is a critical aspect of delivering high-quality care.

Our providers are trained and competent in a variety of Electronic Health Records (EHR) software so the onboarding process does not interrupt patient care. We integrate directly into your Electronic Medical Record system.

Key Benefits of Exhale Telehealth

Data-Driven Approach

Through our UDS+ “Patient Quality of Metrics” system, we collect patient data on a granular level, ensuring accurate and reliable information. Our automated digital collection system benefits both insurance companies and our operating partners, enabling larger grants and facilitating data-driven decisions.

Cost Reduction and Personalized Care

Our personalized patient management system leverages micro data collection, DNA, and genetics information to decrease medication costs. By tailoring medication regimens to individual needs, we can optimize dosages and significantly reduce expenses.

Seamless Referral Program

Our robust referral platform establishes smooth transitions for patients across the mental health continuum of care. With strong partnerships with major mental health operators, including crisis providers, MAT, detox/recovery, and housing services, we break the cycle of crisis and reduce recidivism rates.

Access to Qualified Providers

Addressing the healthcare worker shortage, Exhale provides qualified providers to ensure patients receive the necessary and deserving care. Our team is equipped with specialized training in Motivational Interviewing and Trauma-Informed Care, enhancing patient engagement and therapeutic relationships.

Enhanced Customer Experience

We prioritize customer experience by implementing personalized patient management and referral systems. Through tools like motivational interviewing and trauma-informed care, we engage patients in their own care, minimize abandonment rates, and foster a supportive environment.

Executive Leadership Team

Kevin Lange

Chief Executive Officer

Leigh-Anne Andre, LCSW

Chief Strategy Officer

Chris Carson, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Kris Lange

SVP, Corp Development

Paul Rambeau

SVP, General Counsel

Rae Johnson

Operations Manager

Sam Shapiro

SVP, Market Analytics

We are a proud partner advocate with the National CouncilĀ forĀ Mental Wellbeing